Pet Care Packages

Doggie Adventure Package


**** 4 Hours full of Exciting Adventures****

Our Pet Care Packages include:

  • An Exciting long healthy walk, exploring our local beaches, board walks, parks and wetlands.
  • Splashing, swimming, walking, jogging, relaxing and socialising.
  • Certainly a fun way to burn off your furry family members excess energy!!
  • Our Doggie Adventures are Pawsitively a Memorable Exciting Day out.  Certainly a Unique service being offered to our Sunshine Coast Families and Families on Holidays!!
  • Photo’s of the days adventures are included.
  • Pick up & drop off are included for most areas.
  • Small groups only.
  • Our Doggie Adventure Package is for friendly and social able dogs only.

Price is $65 per Trip

Or  regular bookings are $60 per Trip

Have a look below to see if your furry friend qualifies for the Doggie Adventure Package.

  1. Must be fully vaccinated & on flee prevention
  2. Preferably tick protection too
  3. Needs to be very social & friendly towards other dogs, people and children
  4. Needs to be desexed

Our Service is also very popular with Pets being cared for in a Kennel on the Sunshine Coast as it provides a special day out pass at the beach with “Paws Luv Walks”.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

We can custom make pet care packages for you and your pets. Contact us today.