Cat Sitting

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Paws Luv Walks offers a great alternative to catteries, for times when you need  to be away from home and your fur kids.  Whether it be a busy week, or a last minute business trip, a weekend away or a much needed holiday.  We will step in to help and continue the daily home routines for you. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best  cat sitting service available.

You can be away from home, safe in the knowledge that your pets are in our capable and experienced hands, leaving you with the peace of mind that your pet has been well cared for when you can’t be there.  Enjoy coming home to a relaxed, happy and content furry family member!!!

Paws Luv Walks will visit your home daily to feed and care for your favorite feline friends with loads of cuddles and smooches for the kitty cats that enjoy their cuddles and a watchful eye for those sweethearts that like some distance and enjoy their feeding routines. We have a brilliant personalised data base that allows you to fill in a profile of all the important information about your fur kids so that our visits will be personal and attentive to their needs,  we will know all of your kitties likes and dislikes so that they are completely comfortable and happy with their Paws Luv Walks visits.  Most clients choose to have 2 visits per day and you may choose more or less.  However we do recommend at least 2 visits on longer breaks away.  These can be specifically targeted to suit your pets individual needs and routines.

Kylie with catThere are many options with Paws Luv Walks, you may choose daily  cat sitting visits to your home and you may also choose to have one of our caring team members sleep over in your home with our house sitting options. Both of these professional and caring services  involve loads of cuddles, smooches and special one on one time together!  We pride ourselves with being attentive to any changes in your pets behavior or well being while in our care.  Whether we are enjoying playtime, cuddles, belly rubs, smooching and company.  Your pets will be loved and cared for just like they were a member of our own family!!

On our Cat Sitting Visits we will also collect your mail, put out and bring in your rubbish bins on the allocated days.   Change kitty litter and we will water a few pot plants for you too at no extra cost. We can also send you photo sms messages while your away to let you know how your little furry friends are managing.  Daily professional visits from one of our friendly staff members can also act as a crime deterrent whilst you are away. .  If we have key access to your home we will do a walk through house check, to make sure your home is safe and secure while you are away, you may choose for us to leave a certain light on or even open and shut curtains on alternative nights.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend in the near future for their very own Cat Sitting experience with Paws Luv Walks.