Dog Walking

Do you constantly feel guilty leaving your do home all day?


Feel confident your dog is out walking and enjoying the day with our professional dog walks with our friendly staff.  Your furry friends can enjoy a pleasant walk in the fresh air, stretching their legs and taking in their surroundings.  We meet lovely dogs on a daily basis and one thing I strongly believe in is that an exercised dog is definitely a much happier dog!!  Dogs love exercise,  human companionship and socialisation.

Whether you are away on holiday, or simply work full time and don’t have the energy to take your dog for a daily walk, our Dog Walking service can reduce stress on both you and your pet.  Enjoy coming home to a relaxed, happy and contented furry family member!!

The safety and welfare of your pet is paramount to us at Paws Luv Walks so we only provide individual dog walks (dogs from the same household or unless a prior arrangement has been made) as we believe it is safer and also more personalised for your furry friend!!  With the exception of our “Doggie Adventure Package” with this service too, your dog/s will only be socialised walking with other dogs with your approval.  Your dog will feel special, happy, relaxed,  stress free and our friendly professional dog walker will always have control to give you peace of mind that your dog is not at any risk.


Dogatbeach1All Client’s dogs that we walk must have some sort of identification on their collars. WE carry at all times throughout the year Water Bottles and Bowls to ensure your little friend doesn’t get too thirsty on their adventures.  We have a very effective walker feedback program, this is where we will leave a folder at your house.  Every time your dog is walked, we will write our name, the start and finish times of the walk and any comments we feel you should read.  This way you know that we’ve been and you’ll also know how your dog went on the walk.

One of our animal loving professional staff members will visit your home to care for your much loved family member with affection and attention like they were their own. Our Staff have been police checked and can provide an original copy for you to sight when they visit you for a free, no obligation consultation at your home.

We do have regular dog walking packages that offer a discounted rate, please ask about our packages when you make an enquiry.

We love to help out in the community where we can, so we have carefully selected a few worthy causes that we would like to help support.  With every booking of our hour long dog walks or “Doggie Adventures”, we will donate a portion to the RSPCA, Guide Dogs Australia, our Local Australian Wildlife Hospital and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.