House Sitting Services

A great alternative to boarding kennels and catteries….


Paws Luv Walks offers great house sitting services that are an alternative to boarding kennels and catteries, for times when you need to be away from home and your family pets.  Whether it be a busy week, or a last minute business trip, a weekend away or a much needed holiday.  We will step in to help and continue the daily home routines for you.

One of our professional, friendly staff members will come and house sit over night  for you while you are away.  Your Pet Sitter will be living  with your furry friend in your home with the familiar smells, noises and everyday comforts that your little one is used too.  If this is your preferred service, our Paws Luv Walks pet sitter will arrive in the late afternoon between 5 and 6pm and leave again in the morning between 7 and 830am.  You can also book an extra 1/2 day stay too if you would like us to be at your home for part of the daytime too. This service is called a 1/2  day extended stay.

You can go away on holidays knowing that your loved one will be cared for with loads of cuddles and lots of one and one special attention.  Your Pet Sitter will go for a walk in the late afternoon and early mornings with your furry friend if they like their walks too.  These are the general set out time frames but sometimes your pet sitter can stay longer in the mornings too and when time permits they can arrive earlier too.

We will follow your pets specific needs, feeding regimes and exercise routines.  This service is perfect for the elderly, deaf and blind who would not cope so well left alone at night.  It is ideal for clients who’s feeding routine is more than once a day, clients who would like their pets put to bed at night and let out in the morning.  And is perfect for clients with a large number of pets or who have a farm with animals.  Having someone coming and going is a real deterrent for unwanted visitors while you are away.

Having your own home pet sitter in the evenings, instead of leaving your home unattended for long periods, allows our clients to rest at ease on their holidays knowing someone professionally is keeping an eye on their home.  While we are providing this service we will also collect your mail, bring in and also put out your bins on the allocated days, back yard poop-scoop and water a few pot plants for you at no extra cost.

For a professional house sitting service, contact us today.